Sunday, 29 December 2013

Shiny new blog/introduction

I already have a blog which I use to show the work I do, be it arboriculture, forestry or rustic furniture. My aim for this blog is to concentrate more on the technical side of tree climbing, the equipment and techniques used and how to make life in this industry easier and more efficient. 

I am by no means an expert, but do consider myself to be a confident and proficient climber, I have adopted many of the modern techniques thats have been developed in recent years, from the hitch climber to rope wrench and Single Rope Technique, I like to think I am always open to new ideas and will try anything if i think it may improve the way I work or just simply make life easier and enable me to work for longer. 

Which in part is why I have started this blog, I have worked with a lot of climbers over the years, some good, some not so good! But there is always something to learn, or a slightly different way of doing things you might not have considered before.

I welcome any comments, queries or criticisms and encourage you to contribute to the blog and what will hopefully in time become a resource for people new to the industry or someone simple looking for new ideas

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