Tuesday, 11 November 2014

First Aid Kit - in vehicle

The first aid kit in my truck lives behind the passenger seat, its clearly labelled and I make a point of making sure everyone knows where it is
The contents consist mostly of large wound dressings, large sterile dressings and assorted tape/gauze.

It all just about squeezes into the case

which is a Peli case I originally brought to house my SLR camera, but decided after countless other first aid boxes had fallen to pieces that it would see more action and be better suited to living in my truck.
Peli are renown for there quality and robust build, they are completely water and dust proof and will take a serious amount of abuse.

This helps keep the contents clean and dry and all in one place, what's the first aid kit like in your truck

Saturday, 8 November 2014

First aid kit - personal

I've never really climbed with a first aid kit, I've always founf they got in the way, and to be honest was probably a little complacent about it. One of the firms I've been working for recently provided me with one and figuring I had nothing to loose I thought I'd try it out

Well, after a couple of weeks I was reminded as to why I never bother wearing one, as it promptly started falling to pieces!

The Velcro and press stud combo is strong enough to hold it on the harness for about half a climb, or until it comes into contact with a branch or limb. The trouble is it just sits in such a way that its bound to catch on stuff, the only flex or give in it is when it pops off
Then if you look at the actual contents the only thing that would be of any actual use in a tree is the large wound dressing, the waterproof plasters don't stick to anything and had gone mouldy and the first aid guide had disintegrated  
Time for a rethink...

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Arbtruck storage solutions

Just a few modifications/storage solutions for my Landrover Arbtruck

Pole pruners and rake mounted on chip flap with quick fists, also a 5lt jerry can holder also does a pretty good job of holding a 2 stroke can

Under the passenger seat I've managed to fit a set of jump leads and a bottle jack next to the battery
the bottle jack is wrapped in foam to stop it banging around
In the drivers side under body storage box I've got a socket set, spanner role, can of WD40, marking spray and a tool bag

Tool bag has most of the things yours likely to need, including some fencing tools for when you need to take down (or repair!) a fence, there is also spare chains for all the saws
The passenger side box has 2 cans of Aspen, a spill kit and bottle of engine oil