Monday, 30 June 2014

Stein Arbor trolley

Been used a bit more in anger this week.

Was actually a bit of a life saver as we turned up to do a job that had been booked in a while, with parking permits sorted and everything, only to discover that the road was closed and the closest we could park was about 200m away!

Fortunately it wasn't a huge job, just a smallish cherry to fell and a fig to reduce, and with the aid of the arbor trolley we managed to get it all to the truck in 4 trips, 3 for brash and one for logs. 

This is fast becoming one of my favourite tools, I just wish all garden gates were a bit wider!…

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Side on chipping

Think I've mentioned this in a previous post but feel its definitely worthy of a couple more photos

We use this when ever we can, without making life difficult for ourselves, saves at least 10 minutes sweeping/clearing up at the end of the job. Especially if we have the TW150 and are chipping conifer or something very leafy like lime as it always seems to get a bit bogged down and not have the power to fire it right to the back of the truck 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

DMM tool bag

As anyone who has been following this blog will probably gather I'm a bit of a bag fiend, especially when it comes to organising my climbing gear.

I keep this one in my main climbing bag to keep all my SRT stuff separate 

Saves everything getting caked in sawdust or lost/damaged, also makes finding stuff much easier. 

Not a huge amount of point in saying too much more about this bag as I think Dmm have done a bit of a redesign and discontinued this model. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Throw line set up

Trying out a few things with my throw line set up lately

Been using this DMM tool bag for a while, but its not really big enough to loosely spool the throw line into it, 

So rather than splash out on a cube for £25 I've brought a couple of pop up laundry bags for £1.25 each

Line spooled inside and tied onto one of the handles to keep from loosing it

Folded up with line inside

Then fits nicely inside the DMM bag, along with:

A 14oz weight (for those thick barked trees) and an 8oz (for those long shots)

I also keep a cheep reel of cord in there as well (£1.50 from Lidl) I have this if i want to leave a line up in a tree over night or over the weekend, or if I'm not sure when I'll be back to finish up, as its so cheep I'm not too worried if its gets lost or pinched 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another new toy - Stein Arbor trolley

Another new toy picked up at the arb show, only used in anger once so far but initially impressions are good, seems very well made and bomb proof. should hopefully save some back ache over the upcoming months….

Monday, 9 June 2014

New boots… kinda - Meindl Airstreams

Picked up a new pair of Mendl Airstreams at the Arb show over the weekend

My last pair of these lasted about 18 months, which is about all you can expect from a pair of boots that have a pretty hard life and spend a minimum of 40 hours a week being generally abused!

I stupidly switched back to Hiax after they wore out, as someone had a new pair going cheep, but worked out more expensive in the end as they only lasted about 9 months and were never really that waterproof. 

Putting these on again was like getting reacquainted with an old friend, I forgot just how supportive and comfortable they are. the memory foam inners actually mold to the shape of your foot, making them  pleasure to put on in the morning. 

They have changed the design slightly since my last pair so I shan't sing their praises too much until I've given them a good amount of graft. 

Although obviously a massive fan I'm the first to admit the red can be a bit much and is not for everyones taste, so I've switched the laces for black ones, which tones them down a little. 

Back to work...