Thursday, 13 February 2014

Husqvarna T540xp - Trouble already

So after getting this saw a few weeks ago I posted my first impressions. Which were initially quite positive, and for the first couple of weeks I had no reason to change this. But lately the saw has been playing up quite a bit; cutting out mid cut (whilst on full revs) not ticking over very well, having to cold start it every time and just generally being a pain. Not great really.

So I asked around and someone on Arbtalk pointed out it was probably just an issue with the auto tune (my thoughts anyway) and that I should take it back to the dealer and have them reset it, only a two minute job apparently. This is all well and good, but the dealer is an hour away and not something I should have to be doing after only a couple of weeks of light use.

What frustrates me with new technology like auto tune is the fact that it prevents the professional user from carrying out certain tasks. Meaning any engine issues are not a quick fix and require the saw being plugged into a laptop. A chainsaw into a laptop… what is the world coming too?!

How I wish I'd brought a dozen 200t's before they stopped making them.

More to come I'm sure...

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