Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Every day carry Items part 2

Just a quick follow up to a previous post where I mentioned that I carry one of these Petzl Bucket bags with me on every job
Here's a photo of the contents
So there is the Crampon bag and tool roll that I have mentioned previously as well as the following:
- Couple of pairs of gloves
- Set of ex military Gore tex over trousers, quite good for climbing 
- Pair of leather heavy duty gauntlets, for those spikey trees
- Dry bag with spare T shirt and socks, encase the water proofs fail!
- Another pair of water proof trousers, only these are salopette style ones, made from cheaper flexothene material, ideal for ground work on those proper wet days
- Hi vis
- First aid kit,
- Felling wedge, there is usually a high lift one in here as well
- Gore-Tex jacket (not shown)
I find these items cover me for most eventualities, the bag doesn't take up much space, I always know where everything is, its always kept together and I can always have it with me.
I still have to take another bag with my lunch and drinks in, but it means the bucket bag can stay at work/in the van and I only have to take my lunch bag in with me every night.

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