Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Arbtruck storage solutions

Just a few modifications/storage solutions for my Landrover Arbtruck

Pole pruners and rake mounted on chip flap with quick fists, also a 5lt jerry can holder also does a pretty good job of holding a 2 stroke can

Under the passenger seat I've managed to fit a set of jump leads and a bottle jack next to the battery
the bottle jack is wrapped in foam to stop it banging around
In the drivers side under body storage box I've got a socket set, spanner role, can of WD40, marking spray and a tool bag

Tool bag has most of the things yours likely to need, including some fencing tools for when you need to take down (or repair!) a fence, there is also spare chains for all the saws
The passenger side box has 2 cans of Aspen, a spill kit and bottle of engine oil

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