Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Everyday carry items part 1.

So this is just a couple of pictures of the sharpening kit and mini tool kit I mentioned in my previous post

The sharpening kit is one I made up myself in an old axminster chisel roll, contains the usual items you'd expect to find; files, spanners (both kinds) couple of mini allen keys, piston stop, carb screw driver, guide bar raker and a couple of beech file handles my brother turned me years ago.

The mini tool kit contains a few essentials; some spare chainsaw bar nuts, selection of bolts, pull cord, socket screwdriver, mini adjustable permanent marker, bar greaser, guide bar clamp, knife, tape, pliers and a torx and allen key multitool.

They all live in this petzl crampon bag

This is by no means a comprehensive kit, but does seem to cover most field repairs you would be likely to make. Its stems more from my days of freelance climbing when I got fed up of working for guys who wouldn't even have the most basic tools, but I didn't want to take everything with me. So by stripping it down to the bare essentials I could take it wherever I went and it wouldn't take up too much room. 

I have a larger kit in my work truck that I will post about soon.

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