Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Arb Trucks

This has always been a bit of an issue for me. I used to mostly freelance climb, so would make do with a small van. Then when I started getting a fews more of my own jobs I got a discovery and a bigger trailer, then a chipper.
The 'disco'
I was then stuck with the issue of what to do with the chip, as a lot of the time you can't get away with chipping on site. 

The trouble was a lot of my work needed off road access so a normal transit type tipper was never going to fit the bill. I already ran 2 vehicles as I needed a car as well and just couldn't justify running 3.

So in the end I did the inevitable and brought a landy tipper. This one to be precise:

The 'old girl' (it was an F reg (1989) after all!

This was fine, and once I'd put high sides on it served me well. The trouble was it being a standard 110 it was only plated to just over 3 ton, the tipper was off a transit, steel and very heavy. So realistically the payload was pretty pants. That coupled with the complete lack of tool storage, meant I was continually on the look out for a better solution. 

Unfortunately Landy tippers are a bit like hens teeth, so you don't have much of a choice and they get snapped up pretty quick when they do become available. So instead I went down the road of having one built to my spec by the guys at The Defender Centre

The 'new beast'

Just a couple of pics, I plan on doing a full write up once I've used it a bit and fully tested it out. Needless to say first impressions are very good and can't really find fault with the build quality or customer service. 

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