Friday, 7 March 2014

End of real deals

Recently spotted that honey brothers were having and end of reel sale for there rigging ropes...

Shouldn't have looked really! Managed to grab some bargins though, also picked up a Yale multi sling (far left) then from left to right: Samson 16mm (5m) 
Sirius bull rope 14mm (3m) 
Sirius bull rope 14mm (10m) 
Sirius bull rope 14mm (29m) 
Sirius bull rope 12mm (22m) 

The longer lengths will make good pull lines/tag lines or rigging lines in smaller trees, as it's nice sometimes not having to take out a 50m rope when you know your not going to need it. 

The shorter lengths I brought not only because there were ridiculously cheep but also because I want to learn how to splice and I've been informed it's easiest on brand new ropes, so this seemed like a good opportunity to stock up on some practise ropes, I'll keep you posted... 

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