Sunday, 30 March 2014

Towa Active Grip Advance - work gloves

I've mentioned before my on going search for the perfect work glove, balancing durability with cost and dexterity, well the search may well be over...

These as the title may suggest are Towa Active grip Advance work gloves and they are brilliant, super grippy (even wet wet), close fitting and with good dexterity they are ideal for climbing.

The rubber grip is imbedded into the fabric and doesn't pull off or get caught up in your hitch like other gloves in the same style, I think I paid about £3.50 or something for these, so they definitely meet the cost criteria. And as for durability...

This is the ware after nearly 2 months work, wearing them for most climbing jobs, at least 4 days a week as well as some ground work. Needless to say I'm pretty impressed, I kept expecting them the start to disintegrate or for more holes to appear, but they just kept on going! 

That said I took these photos about 2 weeks ago and since then they have definitely entered into a downward spiral, but are still wearable, but for £3.50 I think they have done pretty well, especially when compared to more expensive gloves

I particularly like the long cuff on these gloves that gives you a bit more protection on those scratchy trees, and also seem to aid in keeping the gloves fitted snugly on the fingers. 

The ultimate test…would I buy them again? Well I'm currently trying to find somewhere that will sell me a box of 24, so I don't have to worry about gloves again for a long time…

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