Friday, 24 October 2014

Stihl ms200t - refurbs

Decided to do something about my old climbing saws that had sat around unused since I got my new husky. They had both been pretty temperamental for some time, and only one would ever work at anyone time.

I can do most aspects of saw maintenance myself, but I felt these needed something more, so having read good reviews about the work of 'spud' on Arbtalk I decided to send them to him. 

Turned out they wanted quite a bit doing to them and the parts replaced included the following: Fuel tank breather, Second-hand Crank, Secondhand Flywheel, Fuel pipes X2, Carb kits X2, Recoil Handle, Crank bearing, SealsX2, Sprocket X2, clutch springs X6, Lower AV buffer, Throttle trigger, Chain-catcher. They were also cleaned through, pressure tested and retuned to run on Aspen
This will be especially beneficial for these saws as they will be back up saws and may sit for months at a time without being used, which would be detrimental with normal pump fuel.  

Slowly making the switch over to aspen on all my saws and hedge trimmers, but this is another post altogether...

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